Yen Wynddancer - Composer, Pianist, Writer, Inspirationist

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Every piece Yen writes has its own story & function for the listener. Explore the energy purpose & images associated with Yen’s work.

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From Earth to Sky

Yen’s debut album from earth to sky has been re-recorded on a Stuart & Sons grand piano.

Dreaming from the Earth

The second album, ‘dreaming from the earth‘ was recorded at Tiger Sound studios in Sydney, Australia on a Stuart & Sons grand piano.





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Four of the most popular tracks off the first two albums.

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The Piano Albums

from earth to sky

“when i first played the Stuart Piano i felt like i had come home. it felt like my music had been waiting for me to discover the piano; music that required unique articulation. the richness, tonal textures & enunciation of the piano coaxed me to create this new version of my first work. some pieces have shifted & changed, others remain the same in strucutre. the execution of the pieces & their sound is incredibly enhanced with the Stuart.”

dreaming from the earth

“What we do to the land, to the earth, we ultimately do to ourselves… this Spirit is full of water, of tears, of deep emotions, bearing the gift of cleansing, the promise of redemption & the primeval elements within & without…

He brings hope…”

a music video to 'stream' from the album 'from earth to sky'

stream is a visualisation, a vibrational journey of sound.  high up on the mountain peak, it snows.  the snow gradually moves down, melting and flowing, pure & energetic flowing, flowing.  down the mountainside, down, down in to the river banks, becoming one with the water it becomes.  after some times, the river has become a stream.  at the end of the piece the listener has been cleansed, feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, renewed.